Share your ideas. Take part in our Thoughtexchange!

September 15, 2016

We want to hear from about the things that are important. Whether you have kids in our schools or not, we know that you have a vested interest in the quality of education we provide. 

Register now to participate in our first ever Thoughtexchange.

Thoughtexchange is an online conversation that allows you to answer a few questions to share your thoughts and ideas about what’s working in Stillwater Area Public Schools and what’s not working. In three simple steps you’ll be able to share your ideas, read and consider other people’s ideas, and help establish priorities for district leaders to consider in their planning for the future. Findings will be shared with the community in mid-October. 

Be sure to lend your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thoughtexchange

I don't have kids in school. Why did I get an invitation to participate?
As a school district it is easy for us to connect with our parents and staff, but difficult for us to gather feedback from our greater community. Through the Thoughtexchange process we wanted to reach out to all of our residents – whether they are parents of kids in our schools or not – to hear what they think is working and not working in our schools.

How did you get my e-mail address?
E-mail invitations were sent to all staff, parents, alumni, high school students and community members that have provided the district with an address in the past. Because we also wanted to reach out to our community members without children in school, we also worked with our vendor who purchased contact information for our residents (which is public information) for the purposes of this community engagement opportunity. The e-mail that was sent does provide an option for the recipient to opt out of participating in Thoughtexchange. If they opt out, they will not receive any future emails. We respect our resident’s privacy, and the district does not have access to these email addresses nor will the information obtained by the vendor be used for any purposes other than Thoughtexchange.

Are my responses anonymous?
While your thoughts will be shared with others in the community, they will not be linked back to you in anyway. The process is completely anonymous.  

Why did I receive more than one email invitation?
Emails were sent out by individual schools, so families may receive more than one invite. They can provide feedback for each school and/or for the district at large.

I didn't receive an invitation. How can I participate?
People who did not receive an email are still welcome to participate and can register online at

What is the cost of Thoughtexchange?
Because our schools are funded by local and state dollars, we feel it is very important to find ways to gather input from residents and taxpayers. Our contract with Thoughtexchange provides for two outreach activities each year at a total cost of $20,000. This amount is equivalent to or even less than what we’ve paid to conduct community and staff surveys in the past. We feel the expense is worthwhile as a direct link to our community’s thoughts and opinions.

Have other questions? Send them to us at