Semester 2 Begins January 21!

Welcome Back!

The new school year begins on Tuesday, January 21 for all 9-12+ St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center Students. 

Our school motto, “The longer the climb, the greater the view…” was chosen last May by our students and staff. We know there is an amazing commitment from all ALC students as they strive and enjoy the view from the top of the mountain despite perhaps having a longer climb.  Each student who chooses to enroll in our alternative program has made the commitment to reset and finish with a personalized plan for success! The metaphor and motto supports our vision to be unafraid of the future as there is an amazing view when hard work and determination help you personally climb toward success and graduation!

I look forward to being able to continue to support you all as you continue earning credit and life experience. In addition to offering courses personalized for your needs, we have been working hard to improve credit earning opportunities as we support the Portrait of a Graduate and our district and building goals for supporting the World’s Best Workforce.

ALC new and returning staff

  • Michelle Engelstad: math teacher and learning leader

  • Michelle Ortmeier: social studies teacher and physical ed (NEW)

  • Brynna Turnau: science teacher (NEW)

  • Brenda Stinson: special ed teacher 

  • Karen Swager: language arts teacher 

  • Tom Wendt: generalist, physical education, health, physics, art, industrial tech

  • Susie Stewart: administrative assistant

  • Patty Millard: paraprofessional

Other important dates

February 5, 2020 ACT FEES due for ACT

February 21, 2020 Mid Year Graduation 11:00

March 24, 2020 ACT Exam

April 9, 2020 MCA Reading (grade 10) and Math (grade 11) April 10, 13, 14 for makeup dates in ALC

April 27, 2020 MCA Science for ALC students who have completed Biology

May 29, 2020 grad practice w time tbd

May 30, 2020 SAHS/ALC Graduation at Roy Wilkins (arrive at 6:15)

June 8-25, 2020 M-W Credit Recovery 8-11

Improvements for the ALC

  • NEW CLASSES EACH QUARTER: Teachers purposely recommended fall schedules with your insight including ALC electives many of you personally requested. Your schedules are handed out on your first day of each quarter. They are also available on Skyward so feel free to login and look. 
  • SAFETY: Please do not access 31S for drop off or pick up from 7:10-7:45 a.m. or 2:10-2:45 p.m. as we do have new site expectations. NEW EXPECTATIONS FOR PARKING
  • TWO FOR ONE and Independent Study Planning: We support all student seniors who are independently organizing a project for dual partial credit.  Our schedule will reflect a daily time slot to meet with staff and communicate in advance for goal setting and increased learning that results in credits earned in the ALC.
  • SENIOR PRIVILEGE with a clear commitment and 4-6 credits remaining may apply for select independent study hours with an authentic blended learning plan they initiate with advisor support to expedite their graduation. 
  • BELL SCHEDULE: ALC further aligns the morning bell schedule with the high school bell schedule so as to allow for fewer disruptions due to hall passing and allow students to attend electives. 
  • NEW TALL TABLES: Custodial staff rearranged tables in our largest classroom to allow student space
  • ALC ADVISORY: Advisory continues as needed in a new rotation to better align with SAHS and ALC 
  • EXCITEMENT: We look forward to continuing the vision process for every student to succeed in our School Within a School ALC program.
  • MINDFULNESS and INDEPENDENT STUDY PILOT: Mindfulness and Independent study plans may emerge at the end of the day.

Familiar and successful ideas from the past

  • Students have quarter and semester grading terms for semester reporting, feedback, attendance and grading in Skyward so that advisors have faster and easier access to student progress, attendance and transcripts. 
  • Students continue to have space in the SAHS lunchroom or in the small lounge adjacent to the main lunch area to host 35 students each day for 30 minute lunch. Please do not plan to eat in the ALC classrooms.

Reminders of success

  • Welcome all of our new/returning students as they enroll in a truly alternative school
  • Attend every day for optimal credit earning; we begin classes on time promptly at 7:40 a.m. 
  • Adhere to cell phone expectations to remain “Off and Away” unless given clear consent.
  • Seek a pass one at a time and be prepared to share it with security in advance.
  • Seek your own path attending every hour and strive to combine class credits in Wednesday advisory and other 1:1 opportunities.
  • Register afterschool for online courses if interested in digital learning f you are interested in a digital class from 2:15-4 p.m. T-W-Th) 
  • Keep cell phones in the classroom when using restrooms as there are no phones in bathrooms.

Enjoy the remainder of the year! Follow us online or watch the St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center site ALC website or facebook account ALC facebook for additional updates as the year unfolds.