School board contemplating levy election in November 2021

October 31, 2019

The expiring operating levy and a possible bond referendum were the topics of conversation during a school board work session on Oct. 28, 2019. Board members have until November 2021 to renew the existing operating levy without losing approximately $12 million in funding. They considered the pros and cons of running an election in 2020 (during the very busy state and national general election) versus waiting for November 2021. They also discussed the possibility of holding a bond request to fund building improvements that may be recommended by the Community Design Team, a group of community members, staff, parents and students currently working  to develop a long-range facilities plan for the district. 

While no decisions were made, board members raised concerns about a 2020 election and indicated it may be better to wait until 2021. Delaying the election would allow more time to communicate with residents, answer questions, and work to build trust and healing in the community.

See meeting materials and watch video of the work session online.