School board considers addition to Brookview Elementary

January 21, 2018
Brookview Elementary

An addition to Brookview Elementary School in Woodbury could be coming sooner than originally expected. Board members have begun conversation about adding additional classroom spaces to address new housing development in the area, which is occurring faster than originally planned.

The city of Woodbury originally planned for nearly 80 acres of land east of the school to be developed after 2020. The city is now exploring development adjacent to the school, which could see construction beginning in 2019.

District leaders knew the school would need to grow as the neighborhood around it expanded. The 450 capacity school was intentionally built in such a way that classroom spaces could be added on easily. Core areas of the building were oversized including the gym, common areas and cafeteria to accommodate up to 600 students. The school board even attempted to add additional classrooms to the building as it was being constructed, but because plans had already been approved by the Minnesota Department of Education the addition was denied.

Administrators are recommending that the board take action in the coming months to approve an addition to the school. Three different options were presented to the board, which could increase the building’s capacity by up to 200 students. The cost of the construction would be between $3 million and $5 million depending on the option chosen.

Up to $1.5 million of the project could be paid for with proceeds from the recent sale of Washington School and a parcel of land in Afton. Should the board decide to sell additional buildings, such as Marine, Withrow or the Central Services Building, those proceeds could also be used toward construction. A lease levy, which is the same funding mechanism used to pay for the Early Childhood Family Center, could also be utilized to pay for the addition.

The board has taken no action at this time, but will consider the recommendation and have further discussions in the coming months. Administrators are also conducting a new demographic study to provide updated enrollment projections to the board to consider in their facility planning.