SAHS teacher shares Bahrain fellowship adventure with students

November 30, 2017
Teacher Sara Damon with Bahraini officials

Stillwater Area High School social studies teacher Sara Damon is sharing her travel adventures with students after visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain. Damon was one of just eight American educators chosen for the TEACH (Teachers Educating Across Cultures in Harmony) Fellowship cohort.

During the November 16-22 trip to the Persian Gulf, the fellows visited cultural sites, businesses and schools to improve their knowledge of the human geography of Bahrain. They collaborated with regional learning leaders, along with partners and peers, while tackling modern-day education challenges and real-world capacity-building issues.

“I was very intrigued by the land reclamation projects,” said Damon. “Bahrain, similar to many other Persian Gulf countries, is actively expanding its territory by creating artificial islands.”

Damon is already integrating lessons she's learned into the AP Human Geography and Global Studies classroom. For example, in her culture unit students are talking about the idea of glocalization. This is when companies (or people in general) take a global cultural phenomenon and modify it to fit a local culture.

“We met with INJAZ Bahrain, the Bahraini branch of Junior Achievement,” said Damon. “Their staff talked about modifying Junior Achievement lessons to make them more relevant to Bahraini students.”

The trip was sponsored by the Bilateral U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce based in Houston, TX. Damon documented her travels in an ArcGIS Online Story Map. Visit the site to see more pictures, maps and observations about her trip.

Damon said the entire experience was fantastic and she encourages her students to also explore the world.

“Travel is the best teacher,” said Damon. “Explore your local area, state, region, country and world whenever you have the opportunity.”