More students choosing Stillwater Area Public Schools

November 22, 2019

The latest enrollment study unveiled several positive trends in Stillwater Area Schools, including a slight increase in the overall number of enrolled students and a significant increase in the number of eligible kindergarten students choosing to enroll in district schools. 

The annual study takes a comprehensive look at student enrollment, including retention and enrollment history. It also analyzes where all eligible school-age students in the district attend school. Here are some of the findings from the 2019-2020 study:

  • Overall enrollment in district schools grew by 41 students from 8,295 in 2018-2019 to 8,336 in 2019-2020. 
  • The number of eligible students who chose to attend district schools (sometimes referred to as market share) increased slightly from 72.1% in 2018-2019 to 72.6% in 2019-2020. Market share reached a low of 71.7% in 2017-2018, but has continued to increase in recent years and is currently at the 2016-2017 level.
  • 80% of eligible kindergarten students chose our schools in 2019-2020 - up from 74% the year before. 
  • There was a decrease of 31 students choosing charter schools from last year to this year. The number of students attending charter schools peaked in 2017-2018 and has continued to decrease the past two years.
  • The number of homeschool students has declined, as has the number of students choosing private schools.
  • While the number of students who live outside of our district’s boundaries choosing to open enroll in our schools has dropped, it is important to note that we do have students on waiting lists who are hoping to open enroll into Brookview, Lake Elmo and the high school.

View the full 2019-2020 District Enrollment Report online.