March 3 public hearing and vote on BOLD

February 27, 2016

The public will have another opportunity to share feedback regarding possible school consolidation during a public hearing on Thursday, March 3, beginning at 5 p.m. at Stillwater Junior High School. Community members from Marine, Oak Park and Withrow elementary schools, as well as other residents interested in sharing feedback, will have an opportunity to provide testimony to the board.

The board is expected to vote on the BOLD recommendation at the conclusion of the public hearing.

* Due to the meeting location we are unable to live-stream on the internet, however it will be broadcast live on VAC TV Channel 15 and posted to the Stillwater Area Public Schools Youtube Channel on March 4.

Public Hearing Expectations

To encourage community participation and to conduct these hearings efficiently, the following processes have been established for people who wish to address the School Board:

  • Each individual will be given up to three minutes to testify before the school board. To ensure all have equal time, individuals may not merge allocated speaking minutes or defer allocated minutes to other speakers.

  • Individuals addressing the school board should provide their name and address, and identify any group they are representing.

  • Individuals must present testimony in a respectful and professional manner.  Vulgarity, character attacks or abuse, or specific complaints identifying staff or students will not be permitted.

  • Written statements may be provided to the school board members by individuals who do not wish to speak. If you wish to provide a statement, please make eight copies to be distributed to board members and the superintendent.

  • The School Board will not respond to or discuss comments, but will consider all public input gathered during the hearings.

  • Electronic presentations (e.g., Power Points) may be permitted with advance notice, but must fit within the speaker’s three minutes.Those who wish to share a presentation must submit their presentation to by noon on Monday, Feb. 29 to provide board and district leaders with time to consider any new ideas and reach out to presenters with any questions. The content of the electronic presentation must follow the guidelines described above.

  • The board chair or designee will terminate the remarks of any individual that does not adhere to the established guidelines.  

Visit our Stillwater BOLD page for more information, answers to frequently asked questions, and link to previous presentations and materials.