Make-up day scheduled for middle and high school students on Feb. 18

February 08, 2019

The school board on Feb. 7 approved a change to the school calendar to provide a make-up day in response to the unexpected snow/cold days in January.

Presidents Day, Monday, Feb. 18, will now be a school day for middle and high school students. Five minutes will also be added to the end of that school day to reach the instructional hours threshold. Preschool and elementary students will not need to come to school, as this will be a parent/teacher conference day.

We understand this is short notice for families and we apologize for the inconvenience. If your middle school or high school student will not be in attendance on Feb. 18 we just ask that you enter it as an absence in Skyward.

While Feb. 18 wasn’t a regularly scheduled school day, this change is necessary to help us meet the minimum instruction hours for our students in grades 6-12 - which is required by state law. 

Additional make-up day could be added for ALL students on March 29
The school board is expected to vote at its Feb. 21 board meeting on whether or not to add a second make-up day to the calendar. March 29, which is currently set aside as a grading day for teachers, is being recommended as a make up day for ALL students in grades K-12. The Feb. 8 snow day was the sixth of the year so far, and pushed us below the instructional time threshold for all of our students. More information will be shared with families following the board's decision.

While the governor has suggested a dispensation for time lost this winter, it will take legislative action to make that a reality. 
We encourage you to contact local legislators to encourage them to waive the instruction hour requirements this year to avoid additional make up days.