A Kenyan visits Rutherford pen pals

March 29, 2017
Kenyan pen pal

A special visitor from Kenya, Africa dropped by Rutherford Elementary this week to personally collect letters to deliver to pen pals half a world away.

The second grade students in Mrs. Hines class have been corresponding with students from the SDA Youth Center, a small school on a remote island called Mfangano Island, in Kenya. Richard Magerenge, co-founder and Kenya Director of Organic Health Response, dropped by their class yesterday to answer the students’ questions about his life on the island, and in return, learn about their life in Minnesota.

Rutherford Elementary has a long-standing relationship with the African school and kids on both continents have shared cultural exchanges through Skype connections. Rutherford students have also raised money to help the students on the island receive education in technology, along with feeding them meals. 

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