Giving students a break to focus on themselves

October 26, 2017
Studying during Flex Time
High school students have a lot on their plates - often balancing school work with before and after school activities, jobs, interests and hobbies, and responsibilities at home. It can be a challenge to find enough time in the day to get it all done.
Which is why the high school is now providing Flex Time. Two times a week, students have time built in the day to focus on what they need. They can meet one-on-one with a teacher or guidance counselor for additional support, study for an exam or work on a group project, or select from a long list of activities. Students can choose to join a book club, learn to cross stitch, join a fishing or hunting club, explore photography, join with others to solve puzzles, or much more. They’re encouraged to try something different each week to broaden their experiences.
“Time management is a lifelong skill and one that is essential to the success of an adult,” said Matt Kraft, assistant principal. “Students are choosing how to use their time in a way that benefits them; academic support, following an interest, or managing stress through structured down time. The results are very positive!”
Flex Time provides students with an opportunity to try things, get to know different people, and develop new skills and hobbies.