Getting by with a little help from their new friends

October 26, 2017
Link Crew welcomes students
New students to Oak-Land Middle School, Stillwater Middle School and Stillwater Area High School were welcomed to their first day of school with cheers, high fives, and joyful celebration!
But the welcome didn’t last for just one day. More than 120 eighth graders at the two middle schools, and nearly 140 juniors and seniors at the high school, will be working as peer leaders for the entire year. It’s all part of WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) and Link Crew - transition programs designed to help build relationships and support students through their first year in a new school.
The upperclassmen have been matched up with small groups of sixth and ninth graders, and will help provide academic and social support for the students as they transition through the year. Within the small groups, the younger students get to know one another and develop friendships, while the older students serve
as mentors to help them navigate their way through academic and social challenges. The small groups meet monthly for fun events, study groups and more structured activities.
For this year only, a similar outreach is happening for seventh graders at the middle school and 10th grader at the high school, as they too transition to new schools as a result of grade configuration changes.
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