Flashlight reading makes literacy even more fun

October 05, 2018
Students read by flashlight

Students broke out flashlights and headlamps to celebrate their love of reading in an unusual way. Brookview fifth graders spent time “flashlight reading” as a way to wrap up one of their reading units. “I just got to read without any assigned work; I thought it was definitely a good celebration” said Oliver Mau.

“I got to read for a long time laying on the floor with my friends,” added Marisa Koehn.

The district’s new literacy curriculum is proving to be a hit with students and teachers alike. Brookview, which piloted the curriculum last year, is in its second year using the new curriculum.

“We’re really happy with the growth the students are showing,” said teacher Steve Bliven. “The comment I hear often from students is they see that thinking about writing while reading makes them more sophisticated readers.”