Facility needs, financial realities focus of school board work session

October 11, 2018

School board members met on Oct. 10 to continue discussions about the district’s short- and long-term facility and financial needs. Much of the board’s conversation about facilities focused on a possible expansion of Brookview Elementary and the possibility of re-opening Oak Park as an elementary school. The administration is not recommending re-opening Oak Park, but is looking to the board to make a decision on a Brookview expansion by December.

  • Read more about why administration is recommending an expansion to Brookview.

Board members also debated how to address future growth in the southern portion of the district. Within the next five to 10 years, demographers are predicting several hundred preK to 12th grade students will be moving into new developments in the Lake Elmo and Woodbury area. With little growth expected in the north and significant growth in the south, the district's population center will ultimately shift; impacting not only elementary but secondary schools as well. The board discussed a desire to have a Long Range Facilities Planning Task Force come together this winter to more fully consider long-term facility needs across the district.  

During the financial portion of the work session, board members reviewed a list of potential areas to consider for reductions as it looks to address a $2.5 million general fund budget deficit. Administration is NOT recommending any of these items at this time, and the list was provided in response to the board’s request as it prepares for a decision on budget reductions in December.

  • Click here to view the areas of consideration for budget reductions.

Board members will be holding another work session on Oct. 23 to further discuss budget reductions. In the meantime, each board member was asked to spend time reviewing the list and determining what areas they’d like to consider, what things they need more information about, and which areas they’d like to take off of the table - knowing that they need to identify at least $2.5 million of annual cost savings from the list of options.

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