District leaders begin talks of possible boundary changes

October 31, 2019

District leaders are beginning to explore boundary adjustment changes to help address growth in the southern portion of the school district.

A conceptual draft of a boundary change scenario was shared with members of the school board’s Finance Working Group on Oct. 29, 2019 to help them understand the complexities of boundary changes and the potential impact on families across the district. The information was simply provided as a rough idea of what balanced boundary changes could look like, should they be necessary.

Elementary schools in the south - including Brookview, Lake Elmo, Andersen and Afton-Lakeland - are at or near capacity this year, while Rutherford, Stonebridge and Lily Lake combined have space for as many as 300 students. Oak-Land Middle School is also nearing its capacity. Demographic studies are showing growth in Woodbury and Lake Elmo over the next several years that will further strain the capacity of southern buildings.

The Community Design Team - made up of residents, parents, staff and students - is currently meeting to consider the long-term facility needs of the district, and it is expected a recommendation will be brought to the school board in January. District administrators are waiting to see what is recommended before determining if boundary adjustments will be needed.