Conferences help start elementary school year off right

August 29, 2018
Student and teacher conference

Elementary teachers took time to get to know their students one-on-one before the first day of school. Teachers met with each one of their students as part of Ready, Set, Go conferences on Monday and Tuesday prior to the first day on Wedneday. They had the opportunity to get to know a bit about one another, while also informally learning about each child's academic strengths and opportunities for growth.

This was the first year that all elementary school teachers had the opportunity to spend time meeting with students. Teachers are telling us they loved spending that extra time with your children and that it has made a big difference in how they plan for the start of the new year.

"Thirty minutes of one-on-one uninterrupted time to focus completely on a child was the best way to start a year!" said Kari Pidde, a Brookview Elementary teacher. "In 25 years this is the first time I will begin the year with current data that will help me organize curriculum to meet each students’ needs. Now I can refocus that time to build community with my class. What was accomplished in two days would have taken many weeks to learn. The benefits of Ready, Set, Go conferences may never be able to be measured, but I feel like I know personal and academic things about each of my students because of the conference."

Parents: Tell us about your experiences with Ready, Set, Go conferences. Please take this short survey online.