Community comes together for its kids

October 31, 2019

Students enter local classrooms every day with more than books and pencils in their backpacks. Many come with big worries, stress, anxiety, trauma and fears that can make learning a challenge. Many teachers and school staff also struggle under the weight of the burdens facing their students.

So how can our community help support our students, families and school staff? That’s the question a small group of community members and educators asked as they gathered for a conversation centered around the needs of students across the district. 

The conversation was hosted by Shepherd of the Valley Church in Afton. Shepherd is one of several faith communities that have approached the district to ask how it can help support children and youth in our schools. The focus is on service, not religion. The discussion revolved around the needs of our schools and the resources of the congregation and how the two might intersect. As part of the meeting participants asked the question, “How might we be able to work together to provide access to things like transportation and basic needs such as food and housing.” They also considered ways to support mental health and build positive relationships with youth through mentoring and personal connections.

The hope is that this could eventually grow to become a community-wide initiative that brings together people from a variety of faith and service organizations toward a common goal of serving our kids.