Board finalizes budget reductions for 2019-2020 school year

February 22, 2019

The school board approved a second round of budget adjustments on Feb. 21, which balanced the general fund budget for the coming year and began to rebuild the fund balance. After several months of difficult budget discussions, board members also agreed they would not cut any deeper into next year’s budget.

The latest list of reductions equates to $1.014 million and includes an increase in fees for high school athletics and ACT testing, a reduction in the district’s technology budget and a reduction of custodial staff through attrition. The board also approved further reductions to administrative staff and professional development, both of which were also impacted by cuts in the first round.

When combined with adjustments approved in December 2018, the total adjustments for the coming year equal $2.095 million. See the complete list of budget reductions for 2019-2020 below.

Attempting to minimize the impact on students and classrooms was the main priority of board members and district administrators. Throughout the process, district leaders worked hard to find ways to lessen the impact on student programming and minimize cuts to district staff.

Area of Adjustment

Description of Reduction

Estimated Savings

Budget Adjustments Round 2 - Approved Feb. 21, 2019


Further reduce administrative costs:

  • Reduce building admin support
  • Reduce district-level admin support
  • Partially shift district-level admin support to Community Ed budget


Further reduce administrative costs

  • Eliminate one coordinator



Reduce budget for district technology


Professional Development

Reduce additional professional development



Reduce custodial staff by attrition up to 4 FTE



Increase high school athletic fees by 10%


Eliminate paying for ACT


Budget Adjustment Total for Round 2
Budget Adjustments Round 1 - Approved Dec. 20, 2018

Professional Development/ Curriculum

Reduce PD and curriculum budgets each by $250,000 and move building PD back to district for distribution


Administration/ Support Staff

Reduce staff and restructure department responsibilities:

  • Eliminate one director
  • Partially shift district-level admin support to Community Ed budget



Remove building level allocation


Operations and Facilities

Reduce cleaning, maintenance, grounds, supplies


District Wide

User of FeePay picks up fees for use of credit card


Operations and Facilities

Increase fees for facility rental


Memberships/ Contracts

Restructure assessment configurations


Supply and Materials

Reduce building supply budgets


School board

Reduce school board budget


Budget Adjustment Total for Round 1