Board to consider adding “make up” days to school calendar

February 01, 2019

At its February 7 meeting the school board is expected to have a discussion to determine if days will be added to the calendar to make up for the unexpected break from school on Jan. 28-31.

After missing four days of school due to the extreme cold, we now fall below the state-required student contact hours for the year. Based on the number of minutes in each student day, middle school and high school students need to attend school 168 days within our current calendar to meet the requirement. We are now at 167 days.

While the governor says districts will not be punished for closing schools, legislation is in place that requires a minimum number of student contact hours each year. We’ve received communication from the Minnesota Department of Education that school districts will be held harmless, but they’ve also acknowledged that they legally cannot make that decision, nor can the governor. The Legislature would need to make special dispensation to waive the minimum hours requirement, which to date, it has not done.

The school board will be asked to vote to recoup instructional hours by holding school on Presidents Day (Feb. 18). This would bring us back up to 168 days. Should there be an additional snow/cold day, the makeup date would be on April 19, for secondary students and staff only.

More information will be shared with families following the board meeting.