Schools closed remainder of school year

The Governor has ordered all Minnesota schools to remain closed with distance learning in place through the end of the 2019-2020 school year to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Board begins to narrow list of possibilities for budget reductions

October 23, 2018

School board members met on October 23, 2018 to continue conversation about facility and financial needs in the district. Click here for meeting materials.

During the four hour work session, board members reviewed information that had been gathered at their request since their last work session on Oct. 10. This included preliminary information about how boundaries could potentially change to utilize existing space in the district without expanding Brookview Elementary or re-opening Oak Park, as well as scenarios of how class size reductions or increases would impact the budget.

Much of the meeting was devoted to discussing how to address a $2.5 million budget deficit. As part of their discussion, board members worked through a list of potential areas to consider for budget reductions. The preliminary list included a variety of options, and the board worked through a process to narrow the focus and begin to prioritize areas for further consideration.  

It’s important to note the updated list is not a final list of cuts, rather, it identifies items that the board would like to discuss further as it works toward development of a budget reduction recommendation. Items identified on the updated list will go back to administration to gather more information and details for the board to consider at a future meeting. A decision on budget reductions is expected to be made by December.