Board approves $1.081 million budget cuts for 2019-2020

December 20, 2018

School board members voted to approve $1.081 million in budget adjustments for the 2019-2020 school year. The approved list includes a reduction in the areas of professional development and curriculum development, cuts to administrative positions, reductions to supply budgets and facility maintenance, and increased fees for facility rentals. 

The approved list (see below) varied slightly from the recommendation board members were considering, which included a total of $1.523 million in reductions. During their discussion, board members decided to remove several items from the recommended list, including a change in the high school staffing ratio, elimination of YCAAP, and increases in athletic and activity fees. The board also added a reduction to the school board budget and approved an additional decrease to the area of operations and facilities.

The board debated additional reduction options to be considered in the coming months, including further cuts to administration and support staff and the elimination of the instructional coaching program. The board voted to table additional budget reductions until January.

Stillwater Area Public Schools Budget Adjustments for 2019-2020

Area of Adjustment

Description of Reduction

Estimated Savings

Professional Development (PD)/ Curriculum

Reduce PD and Curriculum budgets each by $250,000 and move building PD back to district for distribution


Administration/ Support Staff

Reduce staff and restructure department responsibilities



Remove building level allocation


Operations and Facilities

Reduce cleaning, maintenance, grounds, supplies


District Wide

User of FeePay picks up fees for use of credit card


Operations and Facilities

Increase fees for Facility Rental


Memberships/ Contracts

Restructure assessment configurations


Supply and Materials

Reduce building supply budgets


School board

Reduce school board budget