Resources to Support Families through COVID

sad teen on phone

The COVID-19 pandemic is stressful and it may be causing challenges for you and your family in a variety of ways - from your mental health to your physical needs. We're continuing to help support our students and their families. Check our the following resources:

Mental Health Support  I  Basic Needs Support | Child Care


Mental Health Support

Please note that there are many agencies available to provide mental health support using telehealth. Go here to locate mental health and substance use disorder services. Also be sure to check out the blog, Coping With COVID.

Mental Health Support:


Basic Needs:

Please consult the following local resources that aid in helping you access daily necessities:


  • Valley Outreach  – food delivery, financial assistance, and other basic needs

For more information about mental health, substance abuse, and other resources for you and your family, please visit the Chemical Health blog.

Child Care

Search for available childcare (centers, in-homes) through a phone call with a referral specialist OR a self-serve online database search.