Long Range Facility Planning 2019

Community Design Team

Long-Range Facilities Planning Process

In an effort to ensure all of our students have learning environments that reflect current and future needs the district has invited the community to help develop a long-term facilities plan. A Community Design Team has been formed to consider the district's facilities needs and make recommendations to the school board on ways to enhance our facilities to better support our students. Work began in September and is expected to wrap up in December. A recommendation to the school board is expected in early 2020.

Community Design Team

The Community Design Team is made up of community members, city and township officials, students, parents and district staff. The design team will work to develop a recommendation to present to the school board on how best to:

  • Utilize existing space within the school district, as well as address future growth as a result of demographic and housing patterns;
  • Enhance existing facilities over the next five years based on improving learning opportunities for all students;
  • Identify deferred maintenance projects to ensure the safe and effective operation of existing district facilities for the next ten years.

Watch for additional information and updates to be shared here throughout the process.

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