Brookview Elementary Expansion

Brookview Elementary

School board members voted 4-3 on Nov. 29, 2018 to approve an expansion to Brookview Elementary School. The expansion will increase capacity of the 450 student school to 600 k-5 students to help address growth within the Woodbury community. Read more background information on this topic below.

The addition will be paid for utilizing a school board-approved lease levy (called a certificate of participation), which is the same funding mechanism used to pay for the Early Childhood Family Center.  Opportunities are in place at this time which could minimize the impact on taxpayer by utilizing proceeds from the sale of Washington School and a property in Afton and the pending sale of Marine School. Possible sale of the Central Services Building and Withrow Elementary could further reduce the cost. The project amount ranging from $2 million to $5.5 million would have an estimated tax impact on a $250,000 home of approximately $4.60 to $12.80 per year depending on the actual amount of borrowing.

Board members acknowledged that an expansion of Brookview alone will not provide the room needed long-term to meet the growth within Woodbury and Lake Elmo. The board will be meeting in December to begin developing a guiding change document to direct the work of a  long-term facilities planning task force, which would be charged in 2019 to consider the district’s long-term facility need

The district will now work to select an architect and construction manager and begin the process of finalizing plans for the expansion in order to begin construction in 2019.

Background Information:

District leaders knew Brookview would need to grow as the neighborhood around it expanded. The 450 capacity school was intentionally built in such a way that classroom spaces could be added on easily. Core areas of the building were oversized including the gym, common areas and cafeteria to accommodate up to 600 students. The school board even attempted to add additional classrooms to the building as it was being constructed, but the Minnesota Department of Education stated the building must occupied for at least one year before an addition could be constructed.

It is anticipated that by the end of 2019 a new development with 240 single family homes will be built directly east of Brookview. According to the demographic study this new development is projected to generate approximately 100 students right next door to the building. It is likely that in the next ten years, the district could see upwards of 395 more students in the area. It should be pointed out there is still more available land in the current Brookview attendance area which is not yet planned for development.

Considering past conversations the board has had about student enrollment, market share and attracting new families to our district, we feel having space to welcome new families within Brookview is important. If there is no room for students at Brookview, families may choose to open enroll into Liberty Ridge Elementary. Should this occur, Stillwater would not only risk losing potential students, but could also lose current students.


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