Start Time Research

Applicable Literature
Many school districts across the metro area (and around the nation) have already made the transition to later start times for high school students, which has resulted in additional literature, research, and examples of the benefits and challenges of this change.

The National Sleep Foundation is cited by many and is a respected organization with regard to sleep research, and its website houses many resources on the topic. The Minnesota Sleep Society website also houses documents related to schools start times. The medical field has weighed in on the topic of sleep for adolescent students. Research and articles can be found by the American Medical Association, University of Minnesota, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Association of Sleep Medicine.

Below are links to some of the articles and research we’ve reviewed, as a starting point.

The research suggests later start times can have both positive tangible and intangible effects on high school students. These include cognitive; behavior, and health and safety. In Stillwater there is an opportunity to address the potential positive impacts on our high school students - specifically in the areas of physical and emotional/mental health and academic achievement - as well as the potential for cost savings to our transportation system.