2016 - Tony Rath

Tony Rath (Class of 1974) has lived a life of adventure, exploration and documentation of nature and many far off worlds. Beginning with exploration of Minnesota’s boundary waters, his passion and curiosity has led him to service in the United States Air Force, working as a marine biologist, captaining a sailboat across the Atlantic and through the Mediterranean and North Sea, and commercial fishing north of the Arctic Circle and underwater cave diving in Belize and Mexico

He is best known as an editorial and commercial photographer and a photojournalist. His photography is on display at the Smithsonian Institution and was recently featured in the Minnesota Science Museum’s traveling Maya exhibit. He has published two photo books and his images have been published in hundreds of magazines and books. He has lived in Belize since 1988 and has passionately and extensively documented the natural environment and culture of his adopted country, above and below water. He volunteers and donates imagery to numerous non-governmental organizations to promote culture and conservation. In 2015 he presented one of the first TEDx Talks in Belize. Rath is a life-long learner and has attended the United States Air Force Academy, Florida Institute of Technology, San Diego State University, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and California State University at Fullerton.