2016 - Lowell Thompson

Lowell Thompson (Class of 1957) has had multiple interesting careers, with several years of military service, twenty-one years working in the public sector and twenty-two years working in the private sector. He served as a United States Air Force Officer and was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for distinguished service to his country. He has worked in city management and in urban planning with the Metropolitan Council. He started his own company which grew to become one of the nation’s leading publishers of limited edition art prints and posters. Thompson has been actively involved in his community and has served it through coaching, scouts, city planning commission, and numerous local and state boards and commissions. He has provided leadership as school board chair, parks commission chair, golf club president, president of local and state Jaycee organizations, and, even though retired, serves as chair for a non-profit senior association. He has been selected as “Citizen of the Year” in his community, has been recognized as a WCCO “Good Neighbor” and has been awarded the North Suburban Community Leadership Award. As a result of his work and service he has been recognized at receptions at both the Governor’s Mansion and the White House.