Seventh Grade Courses

Language Arts
Social Studies (United States Studies)
Wheel Courses (Middle School Success II, Art, Automation & Robotics, Health)
Physical Education
Music Elective (Band, Choir or Orchestra)


Prerequisite: Math 6
This course consists of pre-algebra concepts such as how to: represent, compare, and calculate rational numbers; recognize proportional relationships in real-world and mathematical situations; apply order of operations; and represent and solve equations with variables. Students will also understand and use: scale factor; mean, median, mode and range to draw conclusions about data and make predictions; and calculate probabilities.

Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra or Demonstrated Proficiency on Placement Criteria
Algebra is a year-long course that is intended to cover the Minnesota Standards for Algebra. Semester one includes an introduction into Algebra, operations, equations, linear introduction, and linear applications. Semester two includes inequalities, absolute value, linear systems, exponents, and radicals.

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Social Studies 7 - United States Studies
Grade 7 features history as the lead discipline with a strong secondary emphasis on citizenship and government. The interdisciplinary "studies" approach is further enhanced with the important economic and geography content that round out the study of United States history. Students learn about the people, issues and events of significance to this nation's history from 1800 to the current era of globalization.

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English 7
Students will participate in reading, writing, listening and critical thinking activities. Novels, as well as the textbook, will be read in and outside of class. Students will focus on reading texts of different genres, written for a variety of purposes. Students will also write formally and informally, and be expected to apply standard English punctuation, mechanics and spelling rules to their work. In this class students will master the eight parts of speech, additional grammar skills and apply them to their writing and speaking.

Honors English 7
Honors English 7 is a course designed to challenge students with a rigorous literature and composition-based curriculum. Students accepted into the course will demonstrate a strong foundation in grammar and composition in addition to having above average reading skills. Much of the composition will be analytic in nature and will relate to topics discussed in the literature portion of the course. Tone, diction, and figurative language will be points of emphasis in both literature and composition. Students will be introduced to the works of a variety of authors. Placement into this course will be based on several data points.

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Science 7 - Life Science
Life Science is a year long course that gives an overview of our living world. Topics include, but are not limited to, the scientific method, matter, microscopes, characteristics and needs of life, cells, taxonomy, the six kingdoms of life, ecology, evolution, and genetics. Students will study and explore topics using small and large group discussion, technical reading, hands on projects and labs.

LEaP Science 7 - Life and Earth Science
LEaP Science is limited to students who meet district qualifications. This course includes a rigorous exploration of the following topics: the scientific method microscopes, characteristics and needs of life, cells, ecology, evolution, genetics, minerals, rocks, plate tectonics, climate, meteorology and astronomy. Students will study and explore topics using small and large group discussions, technical reading, hands on projects and labs, interactive computer simulations, technology, engineering and math. Upon successful completion of LEaP Science students will have shown proficiency in the Life and Earth Science Standards.

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Wheel Courses
Students will access four quarter-long courses designed to explore various topics and interests, from robotics to art and more.

  • Art 7 - 1 Quarter
    Seventh Grade Art is an opportunity to extend the experiences from Art 6 (drawing, painting, printmaking, and clay). In seventh grade, students will work with the Elements and Principles of Design to create more sophisticated two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects. In addition, students study the work of important artists of the past and present. Applying these concepts and skills to their own work is an integral part of this class.
  • Health 7 - 1 Quarter
    This course builds off the  6th grade  health course and continues to deepen students understanding of health concepts, behaviors, and skills that reduce health risks and enhance the health and well-being of self and others, to set personal health goals, and to evaluate health information, products, services, and the effects of health behaviors on the community.  
  • Middle School Success II - 1 Quarter
    Middle School Success II is taken in the 3rd or 4th quarter of a student’s 7th grade year. This course reinforces the study, note-taking, and organizational skills students have already learned. In this project-based course students will also collaborate on project-based assignments that help them look at their role as a global citizen. Students in this course will have exposure to different cultures and languages as part of their exploration of personal success in and out of the classroom.
  • Automation & Robotics - 1 Quarter
    Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics. They learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation and computer control systems. Students use a robust robotics platform to design, build, and program a solution to solve an existing problem.

Physical Education 7 - 1 Semester (Every other day alternating with music)
Students will participate in a variety of fun activities focused on fitness. Throughout this course, students will use a variety of digital resources to measure and track their progress and development of their physical fitness. Students will use strategies, sportsmanship and team building skills. The students will be fitness tested throughout the year and the fitness tests will be used to help the students create and work toward fitness goals.

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Music Elective
Students will take one semester of a music elective. This will alternate every other day with the required physical education course.

  • General Music 7 - 1 Semester
    General music is a non-performanced based music class which will teach students how to listen to, describe, and experience  music in a historical and cultural context using vocabulary and concepts specific to the art of music, as well as understand the fundamental process of creating music and musical structure.
  • Choir 7 - 1 Semester
    In this choral performance class, students will work toward becoming independent musicians. Students will use the musical language of solfege to read music. Vocal performance skills, correct singing techniques and choral skills will be developed through the study of music from a variety of cultures, styles and time periods. Students will perform quality middle level literature with thoughtful expression and age-appropriate skill, demonstrate knowledge of correct singing technique and participate cooperatively and effectively in large and small ensembles. Various evening and daytime performances will be required as part of the course.
  • Band 7 - 1 Semester
    Prerequisite: Participation in 6th grade band
    This course is available to all woodwind, brass, and percussion performers who have at least one year of experience performing on their instrument. Students in this instrumental performance class will continue their study of basic musicianship by performing authentic and challenging literature in a variety of styles in instrument alike groups as well as full band settings. Consistent practice outside of the school day will be needed in order to progress at the level of the group. Students will be expected to perform in the two evening concerts and the Solo and Ensemble Festival.
  • Orchestra 7 - 1 Semester
    Prerequisite: Participation in 6th grade orchestra
    Students will continue to expand their abilities of note reading, rhythmic understanding, and counting both through written work and performance. Students will work toward mastery in the development of tone quality, bowing techniques and flexibility, and intonation (pitch awareness and accuracy). Students will be introduced and/or continue to develop vibrato and shifting skills. Students will continue to evolve in the awareness and execution of the importance of correct position for optimum results.