Online FeePay – One place for families to pay for everything!


Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a new FeePay™ system, which provides one place, with one login, for you to register and pay online for things like:

  • Before and after-school child care
  • Field trips
  • Community Education courses
  • Athletics and activities

FeePay™ makes things easier for families by providing a secure way to pay online with credit or debit cards without the hassle of lost checks or cash or misplaced forms. This system is PCI-compliant – the highest standard for data and transaction security – ensuring your transaction and financial data is safe and secure.

Registering and Paying Online is Easy:

NOTE:  You will need your child’s District Student ID. This information can be found in Skyward Family Access. Logon to Skyward, and then select “Student Details.” Click on “Other ID” to view District Student ID number. Contact your school’s secretary if you need help logging on to Skyward.


In order to use FeePay™ online system, parents will need to create a Username and Password. Parents may also log in with Twitter, Google or Facebook.

  1. Access the FeePay™  site by going to: use the link from our website,
  2. Select "Log In" if you have already created a FeePay™ account.
    Select "Sign Up" in the upper, right corner of the screen to register a new FeePay™ Account. Complete the “Register a New Account” page. Enter YOUR name and contact information. Select "Create Account" at the bottom of the screen.

Add Family Members:

  1. Add children and other family members by accessing your Account Profile.  (Select your name in the upper, right corner and select Account Profile.)  
  2. Select "Add" and select the relationship type you are adding to your profile.  When adding your children with their District ID, be sure to select “Yes, They Have a District ID” and complete the ID number field.  
  3. Select "Create Person."


From there you can add money to a student meals account, register your child for an activity, and more!

  1. Just choose the activity or item, and complete and sign electronically any required forms.
  2. Go to the shopping cart to complete your purchase. You will receive an immediate email confirmation that your payment has been received. You can also print out a receipt.

We recognize this new system is a change for families and that it will take some adjustment. We are confident, however, that you’ll soon find this to be a convenient and easy way to pay fees and register for activities.

Thank you for helping in this effort as we constantly strive for new and better ways to serve our students and families.