Cutaway Productions Gives Students Hands-On Film Experience

May 31, 2013
Cutaway Student
Cutaway Productions Gives Students Hands-On Film Experience

Cutaway Productions, a student-run video production company operating out of Stillwater Area High School, has had many noteworthy projects during their 17 years. Most recently one of their videos was in the final four for a Minnesota Department of Public Safety commercial competition and the viral video, “Our History in 2 Minutes,” which is nearing 2 million views. Cutaway Productions creates professional quality PSAs, advertisements, training videos, and various other types of motion pictures.

Cutaway Productions was started 17 years ago at Oak-Land Junior High by teacher/producer Deb Drew, who worked in the film business for ten years before becoming a teacher. Her course was so popular that eventually High School students began taking film independent study courses with her. It was a sign that it was time to take another big step forward with the project and it has grown substantially over the past six years. Cutaway Productions has now set up shop at Stillwater Area High School. The organization’s funding comes from the clients that they create projects for. These clients have been very diverse over the years and include organizations like iPet, Power of 10, Camp St. Croix, and many more.

“You learn a lot,” said student Josh Linder, “It’s definitely a hands-on experience and is not just planning, it’s also shooting video, managing equipment, editing, and putting the finishing touches on projects.”