Learning & Innovation

The experiences of students today are not the same as when we were growing up. Our schools shouldn’t be the same either!

We’re committed to changing how students learn to prepare them for success in an ever-changing world. Our Strategic Plan is focused on helping our students become collaborators, critical thinkers, creators, communicators and self-advocates. In developing our strategic plan, teachers and staff find ways to incorporate experiences that allow students to practice these skills at all levels - from preK through high school. 

We do this by ensuring:
  • All third graders can read at grade level
  • All racial and economic achievement gaps are closed
  • All students are ready for career and college
  • All students graduate from high school
  • All students will be engaged in their learning
  • All students will be supported in their social, emotional and behavioral development
  • All students will be seen, served and supported
  • All children are ready for school
Did you know Stillwater Area Public Schools is a state and national leader in innovation in education? We're leading the way in human-centered design, social/emotional learning and student wellness.
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Dr. Jennifer Cherry, Assistant Superintendent
   Email:  cherryj@stillwaterschools.org
   Phone:  651.351.8391

Patti Pratt, Administrative Assistant for Learning and Innovation
   Email:  prattp@stillwaterschools.org
   Phone:  651.351.8405

Shae Green, Program Assistant for Learning and Innovation
   Email:  greens@stillwaterschools.org
   Phone:  651.351.8439

Rachel Larson, Director of Learning and Student Engagement
   Email:  larsonr@stillwaterschools.org
   Phone:  651.351.8317

John Perry, Director of Learning Technology and System Design
   Email:  perryj@stillwaterschools.org
   Phone:  651.351.8414

Paul Lee, Director of Student Support Services
   Email:  leep@stillwaterschools.org
   Phone:  651.351.8629

Learning & Innovation Staff List

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Learning & Innovation Areas of Oversight (pdf, 38 KB)

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