Basic Budget Information

The Stillwater Area Public Schools serves nearly 8,500 students, and operates with a budget of approximately $85 million each year. The largest percentage of the school district’s revenue – about 73 percent - comes from the state through formulas based on student enrollment. We receive another three percent from the federal government in the form of targeted grants and aides, and the other 20 percent comes from local property taxes.

For the past decade the state funding we receive per student has remained relatively flat. The costs to run a school district, however, rise steadily each year. While revenue remains stable, inflation and expenses (such as fuel, electricity, insurance premiums and employee salaries and benefits) continue to rise. This causes an annual budget shortfall of more than four percent every year.

More than $22 million in budget adjustments have been made since 2002. We’ve cut back where we can in areas that don’t directly impact our students, such as supplies and materials, staff development and training, and curriculum materials. We’ve also worked hard to negotiate lower insurance premiums, reduce energy usage, cut back on paper and printing costs, and become more efficient in day-to-day operations.

Many areas of our budget, however, are outside of our control. Often the federal and state governments issue mandates which schools must follow. Many of these mandates are unfunded, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars from our general fund being used to make up the difference.