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The Stillwater Area Public Schools serves more than 8,300 students, and operates with a budget of approximately $80 million each year. The largest percentage of the school district’s revenue – more than 70 percent - comes from the state through formulas based on student enrollment and demographics.

We’re changing how we do business!

Years of inadequate state funding, declining enrollment, and rising costs has caused us to cut our budget and spend down our reserves. Through surveys and informal conversations, our public has clearly stated that it expects us to be efficient and to act responsibly with our finances.

So, what are our plans to tighten our belt and stretch our dollars even further? We are already beginning work to:

  • Develop a balanced budget and practices to match our revenues with expenditures.
  • Continue implementing tighter budget controls and oversight while redirecting resources in the classrooms.
  • Continue creating long range plans to meet the needs of our students.
  • Examine the use of our existing non-voter approved levies to determine if there is an opportunity to lower the tax impact for our residents.

School finance is a complicated subject dictated by state and federal legislation. The following resources are provided to help you better understand how your schools are funded.

Financial Information (2000 - Current)

Here you will find a number of different documents pertaining to many aspects of our district.

Accounting & Financial Procedures Manual

MN School District Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) Financial Procedures - ISD 834

Annual Audit

View results from the most recent independent audit of school district accounts.


Post-Employment Benefit Valuation Reports

Budget Basics

Resources to help you understand and navigate school finance.

Funding Categories (pdf, 178 KB)

The state prescribes how the district receives and spends its money by identifying several categories for district funds.

Finance Department Staff List

Have a question about school finances? We are happy to assist you!

Community Support

Our taxpayers have a history of supporting our students and our schools through voter-approved operating referendums.