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Attention Pony students, parent/guardians and staff - We need to hear from you!

Not only are we planning for a return to school in the midst of a pandemic, we’re also considering ways we might leverage this opportunity to give you a more flexible learning experience that better fits your family’s needs. We want to hear from you on how we can make sure you feel safe and supported as we return to school this fall. Share your thoughts and ideas now through Sunday, July 13.

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Thoughtexchange is not a survey, but rather an online conversation that operates as a way to crowdsource ideas. Participation is about not only sharing your thoughts in response to an open-ended question, but also about reviewing and rating the thoughts of others.

Thoughtexchange operates like a three-step process in the span of two weeks:

  1. SHARE - First, share a thought or idea in answer to the open-ended questions posed
  2. STAR - Review the thoughts of others and star thoughts you like 
  3. DISCOVER - See the results of the exchange, including which thoughts were rated highest by your peers and see themes that emerged.  


  • LOG ON - You can participate in ThoughtExchange via your web browser or by downloading the ThoughtExchange mobile app. Note that all responses are confidential. Email accounts are only used to track participation. Thoughts are not linked to specific participants or which thoughts they star. And, you will only need to create an account once. (Password retrieval is available when you go to the login section)

    • DESKTOP APPLICATION - Follow to participate in the exchange. 

    • MOBILE APPLICATION: You can also participate in the exchange via mobile app (download ThoughtExchange from the Apple store). If you are using the ThoughtExchange App on your mobile device you will need to enter this 9-digit code to access the exchange – 647-485-353 

    • SMS - Text the 9-digit code 647-485-353 to the phone number 728-55 to get a link to participate in this exchange. Message and data rates may apply. You'll receive responses to any messages you send, and up to 3 messages total to keep you up-to-date with this exchange. Text STOP to opt out or HELP for help. For our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, go to

  • SHARE THOUGHTS - Add a response (“thought”) to the open-ended question posed. Enter as many thoughts as you like

  • RATE THOUGHTS - React to or  (“star”) thoughts shared by your classmates.

  • DISCOVER - At any time you can go to the Discover Dashboard to see the top thoughts in real-time. After the exchange closes, a report of the top thoughts and a link to the full results will be shared with district leaders and will be shared with the public after July 13.

TIMELINE:This exchange will remain open through the end of the day on Monday, July 13. During that time you are encouraged to visit the exchange multiple times to fully engage in the discussion, respond to ideas from others and discover how your ideas compare.

Thank you for helping us create positive and engaging learning experiences for all students and families. Your voice matters!

Frequently Asked Questions about Thoughtexchange

How will the results of this Thoughtexchange be used?

A list of all of the thoughts that are shared, as well as their ranked scores, will be available publicly for everyone to see. Results will be analyzed to identify common themes. The top themes and ideas will be shared with district leaders to consider as they make decisions about the return to school this fall.

Are my responses anonymous?
While your thoughts will be shared with others in the community, they will not be linked back to you in anyway. The process is completely anonymous.  

I didn't receive an invitation. How can I participate?
People who did not receive an email are still welcome to participate by clicking the link above.

Have other questions? Send them to us at