Summer Info and Rates

Summer Spin picture of five kids

Summer 2019 online registration opens March 4, 2019 and remains open through April 18. Registrations include a $20 per child non-refundable registration fee. Beginning April 19, the registration fee increases to $40 and all requested days will be considered drop-in care and charged at the drop-in rate. These registrations will be accepted on a space available basis.   

Summer Adventure Club and Spin is open to children entering grades K-7 for the following school year. Care is provided 6 AM to 6 PM. Our summer program offers families the flexibility of selecting the days they need care. Families are presented with the dates that our summer program is available at the time of registration. Please see daily rates and important details below. Field trip calendars will be available on the Calendars page.  

Tuition is billed in advance of services on a monthly basis. Invoice notifications are distributed around the 25th of each month for the following month. Payment in full must be received by the 15th of each month to avoid a late payment fee and to allow your child to continue in the program.

Summer 2019: The registration fee is $20 per child until April 18. Beginning April 19, the registration fee is $40 per child, and all requested days will be considered Drop-In care and charged at the Drop-In rate. These registrations will be accepted on a space available basis. The registration fee is non-refundable.

2019 Summer Rates

40 or more days
$38.50 per day
per child

30-39 days
$41.50 per day
per child
20-29 days
$44.50 per day
per child
1-19 days or
Drop in Care
$47.50 per day
per child

Open registration begins on March 4 and ends on April 18

Summer program start date: Thursday, June 6

Closed July 4 and 5

Last date: Friday, August 16

We know families have many things going on in the summer, therefore we do a straight "Pick Your Days" schedule rather than making you commit to all summer or to a certain number of days a week. We do commit to staffing based on these numbers however, so changes to your scheduled dates will only be accepted through April 18 and must be submitted online through the Eleyo system, After that date, you may add Drop-In Care if space is available by submitting a request online at least three days in advance. Exchanging or removing days is not allowed after the April 18 deadline.

Drop-In requests are approved only if space is available. Making a request for Drop-In Care does not guarantee that your child can attend that day. Check on the status of your Drop-In requests in your account by clicking on and viewing the details of your contract. If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please view the e-mail to determine which dates have been approved because space may not be available on all of the days you requested. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail for a requested date, we do NOT have space for your child to attend that day.

Vacation credits do not apply to the summer program.

Summer Sites:

Please be advised that families who register by April 18 will be given priority for placement at these sites. Beginning April 19, these sites may have a wait list for certain days. Grades are for the 2019-2020 school year

Early Childhood Family Center
for children entering Preschool (for those that have attended ThreeSchool at ECFC) through grade 1

Brookview Elementary
for children entering Kindergarten through grade 3

Spin Brookview
for children entering grades 4-7

Rutherford Elementary
for children entering grades 1-3

Spin Rutherford
for children entering grades 4-7

Summer Contact Information

Please email or call your site directly to report absences.
If you have questions about drop-in care and scheduling, please contact Jeanne DeWolfe

Brookview grades K-1
Site Lead: Nichole Junker
Absences and Activities Phone: 651-275-2551
Brookview grades 2-3
Site Lead: Beth Pawlenty
Absences and Activities Phone: 651-275-2566
Spin at Brookview grades 4-7 
Site Lead: Bobby Simonet
Absences and Activities Phone: 651-275-2559
ECFC grades PreK-1
Site Lead: Natalie Sjoberg
Absences and Activities Phone: 651-351-4002
 Rutherford grades 1-3
Site Lead: Lindsey Smrekar
Absences and Activities Phone: 651-351-6430
Spin at Rutherford grades 4-7 
Site Lead: Tammy Palmer
Absences and Activities Phone: 651-351-6439

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