Early Childhood Family Education Advisory Council

Since the beginning of the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) programs in 1974, advisory councils have been required by Minnesota state law. A majority of the council shall be parents participating in the program. The council shall assist in developing, planning, and monitoring the early childhood family education program. The council shall report to the school board and the community education advisory council.

Advisory councils are designed to give advice and counsel as their name implies. They differ from boards in that they have no legal authority for administering the business matters of the program and thus are not responsible for budgets, hiring, firing, or policy setting. The composition of an advisory council can vary greatly, but the majority of members must always be parents active in the program. 

Current ECFE Parent Advisory Council members include:

  • Anna Charpentier
  • Cassandra Hanson
  • Courtney Schaan
  • Dory Herman
  • Erin Dawley
  • Heather Olson-Trow
  • Karen Manske
  • Kary Thelander
  • Linda Judkins
  • Joanne Drahnak
  • Sarah Peterson
  • Shelly Nelson
  • Xiaomei Segdstrem
  • Abby Pierre - Co-Chair
  • Nisha Anderson - Co-Chair

The Early Childhood Family Education Advisory Council meets monthly throughout the school year on the second Monday of the month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Early Childhood Family Center. The meetings are open to the public.