Adult Basic Education Students

Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education (ABE) provides area adults with a wide variety of educational opportunities. These classes are FREE and meet for 38 weeks each year at the Early Childhood Family Center. ABE offers the following classes:

  • Basic Skills Enhancement: Develop basic skills such as work-related math, reading or writing.

  • General Educational Development (GED) Test Preparation: Study and practice for the four GED Tests: Math, Reading, Social Studies and Science.

  • Citizenship: Resources are available for students preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Test. This is not a separate class.

  • English Learner (EL) Program: Learn to speak, read and write in English.

  • Workforce Preparation: Expand upon general skills needed to obtain, retain or improve employment opportunities.

Those who are age 17 years and over, and not enrolled in secondary school, are eligible to participate in ABE.

Individuals set and achieve learning goals with ABE, master basic skills and gain confidence. Participants prepare for the GED and acquire the necessary skills to enter post-secondary education.

Many others become U.S. citizens while learning to communicate in English. Adult learners also develop the skills to become self-sufficient, exit public welfare, contribute to the community and help their children succeed in school. Overall, ABE learners have the opportunity to improve their current employment situation and be more involved citizens, parents and workers.

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Basic Skills Enhancement

Develop basic skills such as work-related math, reading or writing.

General Education Development (GED®)

The GED® program is designed to help people who did not receive a high school degree and are preparing to take the GED® test.

English Learner (EL) Program

The English Learner Program is designed to help individuals improve their basic English skills (reading, writing and conversation) as well as gain an understanding of the American culture.

ABE Web Links

The Minnesota Literacy Council web sites provide excellent information for Adult Basic Education learners, volunteers, and teachers.