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Adult Programs

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Adult Programs provide enrichment, academics and recreational opportunities for lifelong learners 19 years of age and older. Each program area encourages skill building, promotes health and well-being, and creates a stronger community.    

Online registration is now open for Community Education fall classes! There are 48 NEW adult classes to choose from. Look for the catalog in your mailbox in August. Sign up at

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Enrichment Classes

Adult Enrichment is committed to lifelong learning for all adult community members by offering a wide variety of programs, classes and special events at affordable prices.

Adult Athletics

Adult Athletics offers year round recreational opportunities at various levels of competition. Its programs consist of basketball, softball and volleyball leagues, as well as open gyms.

Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education provides area adults with a wide variety of educational opportunities. These classes are FREE and meet for 38 weeks each year at the Early Childhood Family Center.

Adults with Disabilities - FRIENDS

The Adults with Disabilities program offered through Stillwater Community Education enables adults with developmental or psychological challenges to have social, recreational and educational opportunities and experiences.