Bring IT! - BYOD @ stillwater834

Why bring your own device?

The answer is easy: you have control over your own learning and tools. At Stillwater Area Public Schools, this means using the digital learning device of your choice to solve complex problems, anytime, anywhere.

Registering your device

You can register your device by visiting the friendly Tech Office or Helpdesk in your school. At SAHS, head to D220 (upstairs by the Main Forum Room). At Oak-Land Junior High, visit the Tech Office (near the Media Center). At SJHS, the Media Center is the place to be.

Hardware recommendations

Most any modern laptop (Mac/PC) with good battery life (6+ hours), tablet (iPad or Android) or Chromebook will work well in our environment. Our major educational systems are web-based (Moodle, Google Apps, Skyward), so a device with the ability to connect to a wireless network and a web browser is key.

Suggested accessories

Some kind of protection for your device is recommended, whether it be a backback with a laptop sleeve or a case for your iPad. This assures that your device will get to and from school securely, and be safe while at school. While a keyboard is not requried, if your device doesn't come with one (like a tablet), an add-on keyboard can be very useful for typing longer assignments.

Tips for successful use of your digital device in class

  • Bring it! (register it with us, too)

  • Be sure to charge your device at home

  • Coordinate with a friend to have a charger handy if you need it (especially easy if you both have the same kind of device!)

  • Keep your school files and documents in Google Drive for easy access at home or school

BYOD Goals

Goals for our Bring Your Own Device program.