Elementary Students

What We Teach

Students, parents, and district educators share the responsibility of making sure that students are learning all they need to know, not just to meet Minnesota State Standards but to ensure success in life.

We take a learner-centered approach and consider children as active participants in the learning process; students engage in the construction of their own knowledge.

All of our students - at every grade level - receive instruction in the basic, core curriculum areas of literacy, math, science, social studies, music, physical education, and media/technology. In addition, students are taught to think creatively, solve problems, and work collaboratively. These are just some of the 21st century learning skills infused in our teaching which are essential for student success in a changing world.

The following brochures highlight what is taught at each grade level:

Kindergarten (pdf, 719 KB)
First Grade (pdf, 970 KB)
Second Grade (pdf, 775 KB)
Third Grade (pdf, 790 KB)
Fourth Grade (pdf, 453 KB)
Fifth Grade (pdf, 773 KB)
Sixth Grade (pdf, 585 KB)

STEAM for All

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEAM) is offered in grades K-12 at Stillwater Area Public Schools. We are one of the only districts in the state that offers this opportunity to all students.