Our High School

High school offers big opportunities, personalized

We're working hard to intentionally make our large school building feel small.

Students will have all the benefits of a comprehensive high school, with the personal connections and deeper relationships of a much smaller building. Check out the Making A Big School Small: 9th Grade Transition Overview.


Academic Culture

The Freshman Academy, which utilizes the Building Assets, Reducing Risk (BARR) curriculum, pairs a core group of three teachers with approximately 160 students to form a small learning community. Learn more.

  • In addition to teaching Science, English and Geography, academy teachers also help students develop good study habits and practice skills in collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
  • Teachers get to know their students personally, and work as a team to identify and address concerns with academic performance, as well as social and/or emotional issues. 

Personalized Learning

Students in grades 9-12 will have flexible time – called Pony Time - during the week to use in the way that best fits their needs.

  • For some it may be used for interventions or tutoring. Others might use the time for catching up on course work or collaborating on a group project.
  • Pony Time will be more structured for freshman and sophomores –focused on orientation to the school culture and academic planning.
  • Junior and seniors will have more flexible time to self-select their focus.

Social Emotional Support

Ninth graders get connected with a small group of classmates as part of the Link Crew orientation program.

  • A small group of ninth graders are paired with two junior or senior leaders.
  • The leader will help the “crew” get familiar with the building, as well as the social and cultural environment of the school.
  • They’ll meet for a full day before school starts, and will also meet monthly throughout the year for formal meetings and fun, informal activities.