Elementary math class

Meeting Learners at Each Level

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Personalized Learning

We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our learners and offer a wide variety of opportunities for our students.

Gifted students benefit from gifted clusters at all of our elementary schools and a school-within-a-school Gifted and Talented Education program for our most gifted elementary students, and from accelerated and Advanced Placement courses in our junior highs and high school. Our staff also works closely with students who are struggling to ensure they have appropriate interventions in place to help them succeed. Our outstanding curriculum is designed to meet the middle level learners as well to help challenge them to succeed.

Here are some of the things we are doing to ensure we are personalizing learning for all of our students:

  • Reducing class sizes in targeted areas such as science, remedial math and reading classes at Stillwater Area High School and both Oak-Land and Stillwater Middle Schools.
  • Hiring intervention specialists to help elementary and middle school students struggling in the areas of math and reading.
  • Academic planning for secondary students, helping them map out their high school and post-secondary course of study.
  • Providing preschool and all-day kindergarten at all elementary school.
  • Investing in an early childhood programs to support our youngest learners.