PEP Grant

In 2013 we launched our HealthyMOVES initiative, which has been supported by a federal Carol M. White PEP grant. Between October 2013 and the end of the 2015-2016 school year our physical education and health program benefitted from $2 million in federal funding. These funds have supported the HealthyMOVES initiative, which stands for Meaningful Opportunities for Vigorous Exercise Success.

HealthyMOVES is providing opportunities for all students to understand and improve their physical well-being. Through the PEP Grant, students were able to learn about good nutrition and healthy eating habits, develop their own personal fitness programs, and monitor their physical fitness with things like pedometers and heart rate monitors. 

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HealthyMoves is more than just a name. It's become a part of all that we do! The PEP grant has fueled a movement to help our students become smarter, happier and live longer lives by making changes to our policies and practices during the school day. Our Wellness Policy was updated in 2016 to renew our focus on doing what we know is best for our kids.

Healthy Moves Fact Sheet


Need for Project and Goals

HealthyMOVES Survey Grades K-4

HealthyMOVES Survey Grades 5-12

3 Day Activity Recall

Importance of PE Infographic

Fitness Data Collection

Just as we measure students’ academic progress, it is important for us to establish a baseline and assess growth in physical fitness. 

PE Institute

Join us for the PE Institute!

Measuring Fitness with Pedometers

Randomly selected students will measure fitness by counting "steps" on a pedometer.