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You may know that active kids are better students. You likely realize that what our kids eat affects how they learn. But did you know that kids today are expected to live FIVE YEARS LESS than their parents because of unhealthy lifestyles? Check out this video:


That’s why we're working with parents, teachers, doctors, dieticians, and our community to strengthen our kids minds and bodies. We’re committed to doing our part to help our students become smarter, happier and live longer lives.

We've updated our Wellness Policy with a renewed focus on keeping our kids active, helping them choose more nutritious foods, and encouraging healthier lifestyles. The revised Wellness Policy is all about:

  • Getting kids moving more during the school day
  • Providing nutritious meals, snacks, and concessions
  • Creating safer environments for kids with severe food allergies, medical conditions or other dietary restrictions
  • Making it easier to be active and healthy beyond the school day
  • Helping to create smarter, happier kids and a healthier community!
Watch this video to learn more about our Wellness Policy.
Food is an important way for many cultures to celebrate special events, but did you know the typical classroom party includes as many as 500 extra calories? Let’s shift the focus off of food and put it back on the reason for the party.
Visit the PowerUp website for more ideas of how you can help at home.

Interested in serving on the Stillwater Health Advisory Council? Please contact Deb Van Klei or call 651-351-8388.

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Classroom Celebrations and Birthdays

We're working to make special events in the classroom safe and enjoyable for all with creative celebrations that don’t include food.

Wellness - What's In and Out

Learn more about “What’s In” and “What’s Out” as we do our part to help students become smarter and happier and live longer lives.

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PEP Grant

While support from the federal Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant, we've been able to provide opportunities for all students to understand and improve their physical well-being.

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Active Students are Better Learners

A little bit of movement and exercise can go a long way to help boost a student’s brain power.

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