Career Pathways & Possibilities


“We learn not for school, but for life” is more than just our high school's motto. It’s our mission to help prepare our students for a meaningful and enjoyable life - wherever their path leads them!

Pathways & Possibilities (our career pathways program) is helping students better understand career options, get hands-on experience in a variety of areas, and leave high school with marketable experiences.

Opportunities for Students

Opportunities for Business Partners

  • Choose elective courses within a Career Pathway area
  • Join clubs and activities in an area of interest
  • *Pick a career to job shadow, work with a mentor, or take part in an internship. 
  • Be a career speaker and/or volunteer at a job fair
  • *Provide a student with career exploration experiences like job shadowing, mentorship or an internship
Learn more by contacting Bob Manning, Pathways Coordinator, at
*Many of these opportunities are still in development. Watch for more information soon or contact one of our high school counselors.

Here’s how it works
In addition to taking required core courses like math, science, social studies and language arts, high school students can also choose to select from a variety of elective courses in one of four pathway areas. We're also helping students identify extra-curricular activities to match their interests, and provide real-world experiences in local businesses to further develop their skills.

Pathways: Get paid to explore careers

High school students can get paid while exploring possible careers. Learn more about paid work experience.