No two students learn at the same pace or in the same way. Our teachers strive to provide different ways for students to learn based on each child’s unique learning style, interests, personal experiences and strengths. Educators call this differentiation. But really - it’s just good teaching!

We believe that students, parents, and district educators share the responsibility of making sure that students are learning all they need to know, not just to meet Minnesota State Standards but to ensure success in life.
Check out the Shared Responsibility and Student Performance Measures (Policy R 1.0)

What We Teach

We take a learner-centered approach and consider children as active participants in the learning process.

Elementary Students

Meeting Learners at Each Level

We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our learners and work hard to personalize learning experiences at all levels.

Elementary math class

Flipped Learning

In the flipped classroom, the teacher structures the classroom activities to personalize the learning for individual students. Technology also plays a large role.


We’ve renewed our focus on keeping our kids active, helping them choose more nutritious foods, and encouraging healthier lifestyles.
Weight room

Spanish Language Immersion

Amigos Unidos (Friends United)

Smiling boy at desk coloring

Our Middle Schools

We're excited to offer a middle school experience for our sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

Our High School

Big opportunties await students in our grades 9-12 high school.

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