Elementary Reading Intervention

Elementary Reading Intervention:

Tier I and Tier II Reading Intervention Curriculum

Stillwater Area Schools believes in differentiating within the classroom to meet student needs and in keeping students with their peers in the classroom learning environment as much as possible. Consequently, in grades kindergarten through grade 5, Tier I and Tier II reading interventions are implemented in the classroom rather than through pull out services. For more information on the PRESS intervention curriculum used for this type of intervention, please visit the University of Minnesota's Center for Reading Research.


Tier III (Title I and ADSIS Read with Me) Reading Intervention Curriculum

In the event that a student demonstrates need beyond Tier I and Tier II reading interventions, reading interventionists will contact parents or guardians to discuss placement in a Tier III small-group, pull-out intervention through ADSIS Read with Me or Title I Reading services. For more information on the curriculum used for Tier III intervention, please visit the Leveled Literacy Intervention overview. For more information on Title I or ADSIS Read with Me services, please visit our website and select Academics and Activities/Academic Interventions and choose Title I Services or ADSIS Read with Me.

Any questions regarding elementary reading interventions should be directed to Karen Latterell, Curriculum and Intervention Coordinator, 651-351-8395 or latterellk@stillwaterschools.org.